Emergency Solutions Grant

Bridging the Gap: Homelessness & Housing

The Alabama Balance of State Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for coordinating and implementing a homeless response system to meet the needs of persons experiencing or at imminent risk of homelessness within the Balance of State geographic areas. Both the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Continuum of Care Program Rules state that the Continuum’s of Care must establish written rules for the administration of ESG and CoC assistance. All programs that receive ESG or CoC funding are required to abide by these written standards.

These written standards have been developed in consultation with CoC and ESG recipients, and service providers to allow for input on standards, performance measures and the process for full implementation of the standards throughout the CoC from the perspective of those organizations that are directly providing homeless housing and services, Emergency Shelter (ES), Transitional Housing (TH), Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) and Supportive Services Only (SSO). Service providers are invited to attend a series of Committee meetings to review the written standards and provide input. The written standards are reviewed and approved by the CoC’s Leadership annually.

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