FEMA Disaster Case Management (FEMA DCMP)

FEMA Disaster Case Management Program {2011 Tornadoes} – PROGRAM ACHIVED

In 2013 the state of Alabama awarded ARCH 7.5 Million, as part of the FEMA Disaster Case Management program. This program was directly related to the state’s recovery from the April 2011 Alabama tornadoes. The ARCH DCM program served over 3, 300 tornado survivors in the recovery process. It is our goal to help as many survivors as possible develop and implement a recovery/rebuild plan and secure any available funding for their needs.

The DCM is a program that addresses human services needs following a disaster through partner integration, provider capacity building, and state level program development. The DCM program promotes effective delivery of post-disaster case management services and recovery since many of the normal community support systems are disrupted during and after a disaster.

DCM is a time-limited partnership between a case manager and a disaster survivor to develop and carry out a Disaster Recovery Plan. This partnership provides the client with a single person to facilitate access to a broad range of resources. The process involves assessing the client’s needs caused by and related to the disaster, developing a goal-oriented plan outlining the steps necessary for recovery, organizing and coordinating resources that match the client’s needs, monitoring progress, and – when necessary – advocating on behalf of the client.

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