CoC Committees

HMIS Steering Committee

The HMIS Committee is responsible for reviewing new policies, procedures, customization and plans for the local Homeless Management system.

Chair: Lillian Zaworksi

Equal Access and Gender Identity Committee

The Equal Access and Gender Identity Committee maintains, develops, and promotes anti-discriminatory policies and initiatives to ensure equal access for individuals in accordance with their gender identity is followed throughout the housing process.

Chair: Quentin Bell

Review and Ranking Committee (NOFO applications)

The Review and Ranking Committee meets during the application period to review and approve project application submittal according to the review policy.

Chair: FeLishia Franklin

Point-in-Time Committee

The Point-in-Time Committee supports the planning process for annual PIT count of the homeless population (sheltered and unsheltered) in the Balance of State counties

Nominating and Membership Committee

The Nomination/Membership Committee shall establish guidelines and procedures for general membership in ARCH, coordinate elections of Board members and Board Officers, review Board member nominations, and review general membership applications.

Coordinated Entry Committee

The Coordinated Entry Committee is responsible for establishing and operating a coordinated system that provides a comprehensive assessment and referral of the needs of individuals and families seeking housing and services.

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