The need arose and you responded—with heartfelt thanks to you for your ongoing efforts to ensure that amid a national health crisis our state’s most vulnerable citizens were in safe, decent, and affordable housing to help prevent the spread of COVID. We still have much work to do as we continue our efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases among persons or families who are homeless or receiving homeless assistance. With your partnership, the dark days of this pandemic will become a little brighter.

Homeless Programs Forms

Participant File Forms

At the minimum, participant files must contain the following, if applicable:

Participant File Checklist

Homelessness or At-Risk of Homelessness Certification:

Rapid Re-Housing Certification
Homelessness Prevention Certification Self-Certification

Identifying SOAR Applicants

Approval or Denial Letter


Verification of Income
Third Party Verification of Income (if applicable)
Income Eligibility Worksheet – Income Limits


Notice of Inspection (optional)
Habitability Standards Inspection Checklist
Inspection Deficiencies Notice (optional)
Delayed Exterior Repair Agreement (optional)

Lead-Based Paint:

Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and its Hazards (if applicable)
Lead-Based Paint Property Owner Certification (if applicable)
Participant Acknowledgment
Notice of Occupancy Rights under the Violence Against Women Act
Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home
Rental Assistance Agreement with Lease Addendum
Landlord Incentive Repair and Maintenance Form (if applicable)
Request for Taxpayer ID (W-9) Housing Plan (Hard Copy)

Go Section 8 Rent Reasonableness Registration for Use of Go Section 8

Registration User Guide
Registration Security Agreement

Using Go Section 8

Using Go Section 8 Training Webinar
Create a Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Complete a Work in Progress Certification User Guide
Certify a Similar Subject Unit User Guide
Search for Previous Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Recertification of a Subject Unit User Guide

Landlord Documents

Property Owner Checklist
Comparable Dispute Form

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